Live Show Control

Welcome to the ‘Live Show Control’ Home Page.  From here you will be able to navigate to topics that fall within this category.  I will be adding more topics in the near future.


1) where it all began . . . the question

There’s a growing interest regarding the use of pre-recorded backtracks, ‘click’ tracks, in-ear-monitoring (IEM) and automated control of lights, video playback, FX units, guitar processors  etc . . etc. . . in live productions, but how can it be achieved in a cost effective way?

This is the question I was asking a few years back and here’s an article I wrote that talks about how I’ve achieved all of that!      

2)   . . SCS . . . the solution 

This is a fabulous piece of software and, although its origins were in theatre, it’s versatility makes it perfect for live music applications.  It’s already being used worldwide by top professionals in theatres, musicals, schools (if teachers can operate it then surely you can!), shows etc . .

To find out more about how it can work for you, some hints and tips, features etc.

click here….

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