My Music!

This section will grow slowly, but immensely, as I get my act together.

I’ve been involved in a wide variety, and genres, of music over the years and I’m currently documenting and cataloging it all. My compositions, many collaborative, include songs, jingles and soundtracks and my intention is to give credit to my co-conspirators  . . . apologies to any inaccuracies and omissions that may occur!


Old, New, Borrowed & Blue is an album I completed at the end of 2013.  It is in fact the first album that I’ve recorded as a solo artist and it consists of ballads and love songs, both original and covers.

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  1. Hello Martin,
    We met in 1988 in Slacks Creek Sth Southside,Brisbane,when you arranged and recorded 3 of my original songs..

    There’s a Rose in Mama’s Bible
    Come away to Australia
    I Can Never Be your Angel.

    I still write many songs and I wonder do you still arrange and record for clients?

    Kind regards


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